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When Ruffin’s Well (the folk band) decided to pack up, Stephen Edkins and Stephen Swoffer teamed up with Bob Hodges (Fiddle) and Martin Thompson (everything!) to continue playing under the new banner Mitre’s Well. Two albums later (Mitre’s Well….sing and Mitre’s Well….come again!) and with the advent of Children, Jobs, University etc getting in the way the Band went into semi-retirement. In 1996 the two Stephens joined up with another stalwart from Tamworth Folk Club; Malcolm Robinson to “put the Band back together”. 

Stephen Edkins:  Vocals, Guitar, Mandola, Banjo, Bass, Bodhrun.

Stephen Swoffer:  Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Bouzouki, Ukele, Bodhrun.

Malcolm Robinson:  Whistles, Mandolin, Banjo, Backing Vocals.

We’ve played at some of the nicest Folk Clubs around and some of the biggest Festivals including:

Bedworth, Broadstairs, Bromyard, Cleckheaton, Isle of Wight,

Lichfield, Moira Furnace, Sidmouth, Tamworth.

Take a look at the videos from Tamworth Folk Moot by clicking on the YouTube tab above.

 Contact us at:

  1. Malcolm Robinson

    Well done Stephen. Next the Albert Hall?

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