Ruffin’s Well –     Beyond the Pail         Recorded at Fellside Studios

Ruffin’s Well –      Celebration                Vinyl LP Distributed by “TomTun Records                                 A collection of Songs relating to Tamworth to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Town Charter and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir Robert Peel.

Mitre’s Well –      …..sing

Black Diamonds (Jez Lowe)  Too Close To The Wind (S.Nichol)  Last Light on the Row (R.Grainger)  Star of the County Down (Trad.)  Bonny Light Horseman (Trad.)  Red is the Rose (Trad.)  Mr Mill’s Jig (Edkins/Hodges/Swoffer)  On Board The Victory (Trad.)  The Bergen (Jez Lowe)  Dogai/Iron Man/Hurlock’s Reel (Scot Skinner/ditto/Shetland)  The North Sea (S,Edkins)  False Soldier Man (S.Edkins/Trad.)  Leaving (S.Edkins)

Mitre’s Well –   …..come again!

Diamontina Drover (H.McDonald) Wild Geese (M.Waite) Dark Peak/Farewell to Norbury/Driftwood (M.Thompson) Cold Haley Windy Night (Trad.) Tear Down The Borders (S.Swoffer) Farewell to Whisky/Celtic Society Quickstep/42nd Highlander’s Farewell (Trad.) From a Distance (J.Gold) There Were Roses (T.Sands) Japs & English (Jez Lowe) Dark Island/Skye Gathering March/Major Ball’s Reel (Trad.) Ev’ry Time (T.Paxton) Romping Donkey/Drunken Duck/Trip to the Anchor (M.Thompson) Maid From Coolmore (Trad.) Till The Time We Meet Again (M.Turner/A.Hutchings)

Latest CD available at gigs and from Tamworth Folk Club

Mitre’s Well –      Valley of Hope

1. The Old Pubs/Derby Ram/Fireman’s Song (J.Handell/Trad/D.Bilston)
2. Johny Deakin (D.Smith)
3. Eldorado (G.Miles)
4. Wattie’s Tune/Skepper Schotish (M.Robinson)/(T.Hardelin)
5. Precious Flower (S.Swoffer)
6. Diamontina Drover (H.McDonald)
7. Banks of the Lea (Trad)
8. Red is the Rose (Trad)
9. Major Harrison’s Fedora (Trad)
10. Isle of Hope (B.Graham/M.Robinson)
11. Valley of Strathmore (A.M.Stewart)
12. Tear Down The Borders (S.Swoffer)
13. Rozsa (U.Hornby)
14. Leaving (S.Edkins)

or listen at: https://soundcloud.com/user-360886414/sets/valley-of-hope-1

Contact us:  sjedkins@aol.com

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