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We’ve had an interesting and varied last couple of months with the highlight being the Lichfield L2f Festival Of Folk.

Lichfield L2f Festival of Folk

We got to play two sets over the weekend in the magnificent Guildhall.

Wonderful setting and our thanks and congratulations to all the hard-working organisers.

We even managed to shift a few of our CDs!

We also had a great time at the Everyman Folk Club in Liverpool.

Run by Hughie Jones (of Spinners fame) and his Wife Christine who treated us to great hospitality into the small hours back at their house.

Now we’re into November you may care to have a listen to Johny Deakin.

Contact us at: sjedkins@aol.com

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  1. Very good indeed. Well produced video and very nicely sung and played.

  2. Nice song. Who wrote it, as I’m related to him as I think he was my mum’s cousin. She had one of his paintings and donated it to Tamworth History Society (or something like that!!) – good quality video!!

  3. Johny Deakin was written by Drew Smith specially for the Celebration album. Johny Deakin is a popular name in Polesworth and Tamworth but the story in the song is fictional. Glad you like it.

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